Hi!  My name is Hasan Alsaffar…welcome to my online studio.

I started to teach myself about photography back in 1987.  About a year later, I became interested in scuba diving and became a certified dive instructor.  Before long I combined these two hobbies to document the beauty and wonder of the underwater world in Kuwait, other areas of the Arabian Sea and in the Red Sea.

As I got caught up with the demands of everyday life, I found I didn’t have much time for diving anymore, but I still held my passion for photography.  While traveling in Europe, I enjoy taking pictures of the cityscapes and candid street photography.  In the USA I was able to participate in a workshop concentrating on photographing people and also joined a workshop focusing on landscapes and nature.

In 2016 I took my first trip to Africa to photograph the wild life and was welcomed into the villages of the Maasai Tribes to experience their culture, traditions and lifestyle.  Although I was able to get some great wildlife photos, I found myself drawn to taking portraits of the native people and the surrounding environment.  I enjoyed this experience so much I decided I would travel to other primitive cultures and try to capture their stories in pictures. 

In 2017 I went to Cambodia as I joined my first photography tour that concentrated on capturing the spirit of the native people.  Our group was able to shadow the people living their everyday lives, such as the monks as they went to the temples, the children jumping in the water and the farmers as they worked in the fields.  Later that year I went on another group tour, which up to now, has fueled my passion the most.  Under the leadership of Rarindra Prakarsa, one of the most talented photographers in Indonesia, we traveled to Western New Guinea (aka West Papua), to explore the lifestyle of the Papuan people.  We were able to visit many tribes, including the Dani which are the most populous of the region, and witness how they existed without the trappings of modern society.

My latest trip was to Ladakh, India.  This was one of the most difficult trips due to the high altitudes and the long drives, however, I was blessed with both travel arrangements and guides which made things better.

These trips have made me more confident in my decision to concentrate on capturing the heart and soul of humans as my main subject matter. I especially feel privileged to document a little bit of some lifestyles that may become extinct in the not so distant future.   I believe this is only the beginning and I very much look forward to more trips with other photographers who share a similar interest in traveling and capturing other cultures in photos.  It’s good to share such experiences as we all see things with different eyes and our different cameras can show us differences as well.

During the day I am a Legal Counselor for the Government of Kuwait.  Aside from photography, I also enjoy glass art and have a studio for stained glass, glass painting and kiln work.

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Please feel free to send me any feedback regarding my photography and/or this website as I am open to ideas for improvement. 


Fell Free to contact me at hasan@alsaffarstudios.com