While Others Make, We Create.


About the Artist

      I’ll tell you my story right from the start: I wasn’t trained as a glass artist. In fact, my Degree is in Law. But having a great passion to art it self was the thing that drove me to start this studio. To know more about me please take some time and read the full story.

Many Thanks for all my site visitors!

My giant stride to the world of Stained Glass was on 2002 when I started building my new house. I wanted my house to be special in every way starting from the design all the way to the interior decoration.

As searching for ideas and thru looking at many Magazines, I found an image for a beautiful window named “The Hudson River” for Louis Tiffany Comfort. The window was nice to look at; I fall in love with from the first look. So I decided I need some stained glass in my new house.

I start looking for a Glass Studio who can do the job for my windows; also I start reading about stained glass. Unfortunately I didn’t find any glass studio in Kuwait to fulfill my needs as far doing the Hudson River window. I contacted a studio in Australia who accepted and quoted me a price that I can’t afford.

On 2003 and since my house was about to finish, I shifted my thoughts to accept the fact that I have to cancel the Idea of my stained glass windows. From nowhere I meet a friend who own a craft store and he gave me a name and a phone number of a glass artist in Kuwait, I called the guy and I meet him. We talked about glass art and he offered to help me to do things by my own.

Knowing the fact that stained glass art is so age-old and included many factors, was about to push away the idea from my head but a gain a friend gave me two instructional books published by Wardell on my birthday, brought me to homeland again and gave me the hop; I say to myself if they can do it then I can too.

As advised in those books I bought some basic tools and supplies and I began working doing the small panels in those two books that was back on 2003. Having my fingers cut and a plenty of non sleep nights almost drove the idea from my head again; but I said to my self: you can still do stained glass as a hobby, and do some projects for friends and family.

I kept doing small copper foil/ style panels mostly as gifts for my friends and relatives, which I received many waw J on them, and stained glass pattern books and some glass sheets as rewards. These things made me think again why not give it a try and do a large panel. So I made my first large panel and put it in my gust reception hall in my new house, and it did add a nice atmosphere to the area; I still look at it every day and say to my self will done Hassan J.

On 2004 I meet a glass supplier in Kuwait and he offered me to buy some glass sheets and lead came from his store. Also my friend Ricardo Lawyer (glass artist) asked me to work with him in his glass studio.

On 2005 I made a small studio in my house to spend some of my free time also I bought a small kiln to do glass jewelry and some small things; also I bought a band saw.

On 2006 and suddenly from the middle of no were An American inerter designer from a company named Green Corner in Kuwait, named Chris called and asked me if I can do some fused glass stars and moon phase for one of his clients, for a swimming pool sitting area in a big Villa. I toke the job and the band saw was really a handy tool when it come to cut those V angles for the star shapes.

Having a band saw gave me a head step from other glass artist in Kuwait. So it took me only some time to cut the glass Stars shape, I fused every thing and this phase of the commission took most of the time as my glass kiln was small. The items where delivered on time.

I continue doing stained glass, creating some panels. I also continue reading about this art and other arts like hot glass. As I travel I visited some glass stores and churches to see the beauty of stained glass. I learned the traditional leaded method, as well as complex construction and designing techniques, I bought designing software “Pattern Wizard” which was a great help for me.

As time passes my knowledge of stained glass window fabrication grew through reading more advanced books. At the same time I made a good friendship with my suppliers from the United States, and always send them my finished work to give me their comments.

Late 2006 I officially made the transition from hobbyist to professional, taking commissions and making designs according to my client’s needs. And like they say glass work is an addiction, some time I got the feeling that the glass window I made is talking to me, on other words I loved what I do and adore the time I spend in my small home glass studio.

On 2008 I moved from my small home studio to even larger room at the basement, and just recently I moved from that room to my basement car parking lot in my house, and now I have even larger area in which I designed into 3 sections; one as a hot area, one as a cold area and the last one as an office for me.

To fulfill this large studio, I bought my new Skutt GM1414/ 3 phase glass kiln from Delphi glass/USA, also a Sand Blaster plus a wide variety of glass sheets from major brands like Spectrum, Uroboros, Komko, Ugohighny and Vancogh. Also I bought the Glass Eye 2000 software.

As a high supreme court lawyer with all the stress that this job brings on daily basis, I found working with glass as a great relief. Now even enjoying the time I spend in my glass studio, I start to put things together as looking ahead to the future, and lunch this site to share my passion for glass with other glass lovers and to give every one an Idea about my work.

Now with such a warm passionate environment to work in, I am ready to create glass art from my heart based on my own beliefs for art, also on the personal beliefs and needs of my clients, to come with a design that reach perfection both aesthetically and spiritually, for the clients home, office and any where they want.

I hop this story gave you some idea about me, and to motivates other artists. I truly thank you for your time reading and looking at my site. I do really appreciate any comments or suggestions you might think of, for that you can e-mail me at: hassan@alsaffarstudios.com