While Others Make, We Create.



Glass art works are not mass- produced. Each work is commissioned and is a unique, one of a kind, design. Therefore, it is difficult to catalog Stained Glass window or other art glass products’ prices. The design is undertaken first then other steps come after client approval.

When planning art glass work, we combine this ancient craftwork with the sense of style and meticulous focus on details. So each piece is an effective combination of the light enhancing qualities of fine glass, carefully chosen hues and a distinctive design. The result is a timeless work of art.

What you should know:

1. We incorporated in 2002.
2. We are a home based glass studio located in the State of Kuwait, but we can take care of commissions and ship it to any part of the world.
3. We are a family business.
4. The owner’s degree is in Law.
5. Most of our fabrication occurs in our studio, unless needed otherwise, as we cooperated with other Art Studios in Italy, United Kingdom and the United State of America.
6. Installations can be done by us or under our direct supervision, or upon client request can be done by other people under or direct supervision.
7. We are not a mass production company, we are an art studio.
8. We can provide you with interesting solutions in many problematic areas.
9. We are flexible.
10. We work well with committees.
11. We share our knowledge with others.
12. We have worldwide resources.