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Our Green Policy

Knowing how dangers the chemicals we glass artists use in our glass art works in our studios and how important conserving our environment is, I toke the initiative and applied a green policy trying my best to be part of a bigger green circle with other art colleagues around the world.

My green policy contain 5 points which are very simple and easy to follow, it is based on reusing our own used glass and other things in our studios and helping other people to recycle others, so we all end up using most of things around us, and by doing so, we reduces the danger of contaminating our environment.

1. We try our best to use lead-free products.

2. We pack our glass art finished products using newspapers and scrap foam remnants, we reuse the incoming foam packaging pellets and bubble wrap to pack our out-going orders, we also reuse newspapers to dry our glass after washing it, and to clean our glass finished products before packaging.

3. We reused cardboard boxes to pack our products; we also send the unneeded cardboard boxes after they are flattened to paper recycling facilities.

4. We reuse art glass scraps for glass Mosaic work, We reuse bottles after we full fuse them, paint them and them slump them in a mold to produce a cheese serving plates. We also reuse fusible glass scraps according to it’s COE to create glass frits new small glass sheets to use for small products or for jewelry products.

5. We wash clean all the class cleaning, patina and Oxistop plastic bottles before trashing them.

I hope that every one follow a green policy in his/her studio to assure that we play our part in helping to make our Earth a better place and safe to live in.

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