While Others Make, We Create.


Hello every one, still awake so I thought about writing something to describe what I define as Paintaholism; this is what I live with for some time now. It started after joining a stained glass painting newsletter in the United Kingdom. The website is: www.realglasspainting.com, but to be frank with all of you it’s a pleasureful addiction.

When I enter my home studio, and this is usually after 7:00 PM, I never go out until it’s 4:00 AM the next day, and that’s because when I hold the brush and start tracing my design lines, I find myself drifting in work and the next thing I know it’s 3:30 AM, so I start gathering my things and clean up to get moving.

The reason I said it’s pleasureful addiction is that when I am done I look at the day’s work and find myself full of this strong self satisfaction which helps me to overcome many obstacles and difficulties in my life; both a family-wise, and job-wise.

This Paintaholism opened many closed doors, it shortened the long distances and helped me know many new good friends in many parts of the world. It pleasures my feeling about life and the fact that we can unite under many umbrellas where art is one of them.

All in all I am so pleased and happy to be a Paintaholist and I ask all of you to try this type of addiction and join the club.

Regards to all of you ;-)

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if it’s OK to copy some of the text in my site?

    • Hassan Al-Saffar says:

      I am sorry for my late response. I am glad that you like my post, and yes it’s fine to copy things from my site.
      Kind Regards

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