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My First Intensive Stained Glasss Painting Course Article

Hello every one, It’s been a very long time since I wrote a post at my website. I was motivated to write today’s post by one of my Facebook friends, who wanted to know more about my article that was featured on the Stained Glass Association of America Quarterly Magazine latest winter edition. In theContinue Reading

FAQ about glass painting

Some people might ask; is glass paint always black or brown? The answer to this question is No, glass paints comes in many colors, Blacks, Reds, Blues, Browns and so on, let’s take Brown from Reusche glass paint products, for example; the color Brown exists in Light Brown, Dark brown, Ancient Brown, Bistre Brown justContinue Reading

A Light Box Story

I know how this can sound as a post title, but keep reading and you will definitely see the connection and hopefully enjoy this post. We use light box to cut the glass over it; others use it to trace their basic design lines when painting. Some glass artists build their own light box withContinue Reading

The Fish Panel

A glass painter friend of mine, Steve (from USA) just finished a stained glass painted panel.  Because this panel was nice and very detailed with those delicate traced lines and glass colors, I wanted to share it with everyone. Before going into details I want to give a background of Steve as a person andContinue Reading

The Freedom We, Glass Painters, Enjoy

Hello every one, my stained glass painting teacher Mr. Stephen wrote this nice post, so I’am sharing it with all of you. I hope every one get something nice out of it because what Stephen or partner Mr. David writes are very useful and nice to read, they present real things we faced or willContinue Reading

Our Green Policy

Knowing how dangers the chemicals we glass artists use in our glass art works in our studios and how important conserving our environment is, I toke the initiative and applied a green policy trying my best to be part of a bigger green circle with other art colleagues around the world. My green policy containContinue Reading


Hello every one, still awake so I thought about writing something to describe what I define as Paintaholism; this is what I live with for some time now. It started after joining a stained glass painting newsletter in the United Kingdom. The website is: www.realglasspainting.com, but to be frank with all of you it’s aContinue Reading